Hvordan en kanadisk mann funnet sin vakre russisk brud ved hjelp av en internasjonal ekteskap byrå i Russland.
Alain og Yuliya deretter opprettet MyPartnerForever å hjelpe menn å finne sin kone i Hviterussland, Moldova, Russland eller Ukraina.
Datingsite to Meet Charming Belarusian Woman Alesya from Grodno, Belarus
Sexy Ukrainian Woman Tatiyana from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Marriage Agency Service to Meet Bogdana from Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Datingsite to Meet Gorgeous Ukrainian Woman Arina from Kiev, Ukraine
Dating with Charming Russian Woman Marianna from Chisinau, Moldova
Dating with Pretty Belarusian Lady Anna from Grodno, Belarus
Dating Site to Meet Single Ukrainian Girl Tatiyana from Poltava, Ukraine
Online Dating with Single Belarusian Girl Elena from Grodno, Belarus
Stunning Ukrainian Bride Ekaterina from Kiev, Ukraine
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Alain, You will get a book of thank you letters soon as I found the one in a million for me in Grodno. Just returned from my 2nd trip in two months I think and I am very exstatic in saying that I am engaged to the finest girl for me in the world without a doubt. Not only in beauty but all those little descriptive phrases like my best friend, soul mate, 110% chemically attracted, I am out of words as they dont describe her well enough. I love that place Grodno, and of course, Maya always looks after me there. Anything is really appreciated, you are a god in my eyes right now. Last thing I have to tell you. In less than one day with Svetlana, I felt more comfortable, relaxed, just really happy than compared to even years of any other woman I have ever met, and I am not just saying thiese things. What a friendly, good hearted, morally supreme group of people. Thanks for your recommendation about Grodno.

Joe W., Houston
Hello from Norway! I think your service level is really high. I`m very pleased with your support and service level. The trip to Odessa was a very nice experience. The help an service from Larisa was really good. Thank you very much. And best of all. I meet a wonderful lady.

Geir, Norway
Hello Yuliya, Thank you for your message and thank you for the very good service. This encourages me to use your service, because don´t only think of money, but people who use the service. Have a beautiful day!

BR, Alec
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My Partner Forever - Reliable Dating Site and Matchmaking
Owned and Operated by a Canadian Man and a Russian Woman.

We (Alain and Yuliya) are the owners of My Partner Forever. Living in different parts of the world, we were in a very similar situation: singles looking for a life partner locally without any success. In our respective way, we decided to help destiny. I joined an international dating site and Yuliya registered with her local marriage agency. Before long, I saw Yuliya's profile and it captured my attention. I sent her a letter and a few days later, I got her reply letter. We began corresponding on a regular basis and our relationship soon became very meaningful.

After a few months, we agreed that we should meet in person. I flew to Russia to meet her and our first meeting was truly a success. We were in love and within 6 months, we got married and began the immigration process. (see Our Story). After we moved together in Canada, we realized how lucky we were to have found each other through a dating site and we decided to offer single Russian and Ukrainian women the chance to meet men from around the world.

Why would a beautiful Russian woman look for a life partner outside her native country?

  • One good reason for a Russian woman to seek a life partner outside her own country is that there are 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR. See results of the 2002 census on Wikipedia.
  • Another good reason is that the available single Russian men are not very family oriented and reluctant to engage in serious relationship ...which is exactly what these beautiful Russian women are looking for in a man.

On the other hand, why would a man from outside Russia want to have a Russian wife?

  • Because many men from "western countries" are in a very similar situation: they cannot find a partner in their homeland who has a priority on family values and who is willing to engage in a serious relationship.
  • Because these Russian women offer exactly what they are seeking in a life partner: they are well educated, hard workers and family oriented. Actually, a typical Russian woman will always keep the family a top priority - even above personal career ambitions ...isn't it exactly how you are and what you can't seem to find in your own country?
  • And since they live an active way of life and eat healthy, they are generally slender and quite beautiful ...another bonus!

Now you know why so many men are looking for a Russian bride!

If you feel that you are in this situation, go for it! Thousands of men find their beautiful Russian bride each year!

How will our International Dating site and matchmaking service help you to find your beautiful Russian wife?

By giving single men the possibility to correspond with real, single and serious Russian girls who are seeking a foreign husband.

How do we achieve that?

We work only with honest and reliable marriage agencies. We have quality standards that need to be followed by all our partner agencies. We verify their way of work and make sure they have met every Russian woman in person and have a copy of her passport.

We have partnered with local marriage agencies in most areas of Belarus, Russian and the Ukraine. We can help our clients to meet their Russian bride with a wide range of services such as airport pick-up and drop-off, accommodation, services of interpreters etc.

You Have Developed a Relationship with a Russian Woman - What's Next?
How Will I meet my Future Russian Bride?
What About the Immigration Process?

Once you've established a relationship with a Russian woman; you will make plans to go meet her. With the help of our local marriage agency, we offer the services you need during your stay and our agents will assist you in the planning of every detail of your first meeting with her so you can concentrate on the purpose of your trip and travel with peace of mind.

Depending on your own nationality and which country you are visiting, you may require a Visa. Our local agents can provide you with Visa support documents such as an invitation letter.

You can plan a first meeting with your Russian woman at the agency's office or arrange to meet her privately, it's up to you. One way or another, our agent is always there to help you and answer your questions.

Once you've taken the decision to get married and move together, we will provide both of you with information and advice on how to proceed with immigration. Remember to keep copies of all pertinent documents such as letter correspondence with your lady, airplane tickets, hotel receipts, telephone bills etc. This will help the immigration officers in their duties and help making the whole process quicker and smoother.

Russian culture is rich and diversified. Please take the time to visit our blog and read our articles. You will find precious information on different subjects about traveling to Russia, Russian women, Russian culture, Visas, Immigration etc.

We wish you to find your beautiful Russian bride!

Alain and Yuliya,

My Partner Forever

P.S. Please don't forget to share your testimonial and wedding pictures with us!



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